Infrastructure Asset Management

Planning, designing, maintenance of infrastructure facilities, planning for extending lifespan for infrastructure

  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Planning and designing for public facilities (Road, port, bridge, river and lifeline)
  • Maintenance engineering (investigation, diagnosis, analysis, monitoring and reinforcement)
  • System and database for facility management

Case Studies

Development of Bridge Maintenance System using 3D Modeling

AAS has been developing a Bridge Base Map Plot System (BBMAPS) using 3D modeling technology. The system can realize sustainable maintenance cycle for bridge structure management using 3D model as a base map for information sharing and management. Meanwhile, the system is useful for sophisticated workflow and improves work efficiency.
For implementation for the Hokuriku Super Express, we had developed and then tested the practical functions for construction, operation and management for bridge 3D model.
This system was awarded special prize by Japan Civil Engineering Consultant Association in 2015 annual conference in terms of its future prospect. The system also won 8th Sakata Memorial Award of Japan Railway Engineers' Association in 2015. Read more(Japanese version only. ) →

Survey of Road Surface Condition by MMS

The survey of road surface condition basically consists of 3 items: crack, rutting and longitudinal irregularity.Instead of by sight or body sensation, we evaluate these 3 items quantitatively by automatic and efficient method using MMS. Specifically, crack and patching are judged by using panoramic images and rutting and longitudinal irregularity are measured by point cloud data. We diagnose the soundness of a road line by summarizing the evaluation results of each 100 m sections of road. Read more(Japanese version only. ) →

Management of Coastal Protection Facility and Reproduction of Seaside Forest

In Toyoura Town, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, AAS provides reconstruction plan for wind protection fences that destroyed by overtopping due to previous typhoons, and preserve plan for whole facilities, as well as reproduction plan for seaside forest.
Reconstruction plan of wind protection fence is made based on facility check. To visualize the results of asset management for coastal protection facilities, we created digital ledger using mosaic images from radio-controlled helicopter. Read more(Japanese version only. ) →

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