AAS Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces

Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd. (hereafter, AAS) decides AAS basic policy on Antisocial Forces to maintain the public trust and ensure the appropriateness and soundness of business operations based on the “Guidelines to Protect Corporations from Damage by Antisocial Forces” (Mutual agreement by organizers meeting at Cabinet Conference on Countermeasures for Crimes on June 19, 2007) and the “Code of Conduct of Executives and Employees of AAS and Affiliated Companies”

1. Measures as an Organization

AAS shall take actions against Antisocial Forces on the initiative of management, representing the organization, and not leaving it to the person or section in charge.

2.Coordination with External Experts

AAS shall maintain a close relationship with external experts, including the police, the Promotion Center for Expulsion of Forces, lawyers, etc., so that AAS receives appropriate advice and support.

3. Cutting off Relationships, Including Business Transactions

AAS shall cut off any relationships with Antisocial Forces, including business relationships. AAS shall reject any unjust demands from Antisocial Forces.

4. Prohibition of monetary settlement

Should we be threatened by Antisocial Forces with unjust demands, we will remain resolute and will not give way by offering a monetary settlement.